A trip to the seaside

Given the forecast it was highly unlikely I’d make it to the hills, let alone get up any and back down again in one piece, so it would have to be a day doing some proper work for a change.

Spiteful spatterings of rain on the window in the morning increasingly began to solidify and by mid morning all was white with the world outside.

Here close to the West coast of Cumbria we don’t often get much snow; the wintry weather systems normally flow in from the East and being stuck out on a limb means the snowline usually stays a few miles away.

Given the coverage, I thought I’d have an afternoon amble down to my nearest beach at Roanhead, Sandscale Haws, and see if the dunes had managed to gain a coating.

Though I don’t visit that much any more, I used to wander here quite a bit when I first took up photography more seriously as it’s only half an hour on foot from the front door. In fact, I think my first published photo was a beach shot from Sandscale Haws. I must try and dig out the slide some time to see if it’s worth scanning.

Anyway, I digress…. yes the beach was snowy. The wind and snow meant I could only really take photos in one direction, with my back to it, but here are a few deceptively peaceful looking results.




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One Response to A trip to the seaside

  1. PhilR says:

    Always find it a strange sight seeing snow on a beach, it just doesn’t seem right.

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