Bagh Steinigidh

On a stretch of Harris coastline streaked with beautiful swathes of sand, Bagh Steinigidh is just another small beach that’s easy to pass by.

It may not have the prettiness or purity of sand of Luskentyre or Huisinish, but it does have more of a rugged exposed feel, the surging tide channelled between two rocky spurs and raking insistently at the small crescent of sand.

On this, my first visit to Harris, I was hoping for a few evenings being pounded by wild Atlantic surf, but sadly I was more exposed to gentle zephyrs that would barely ruffle a midge wing.

An evening at Bagh Steinigidh was my one taste of something more forceful, waves raking in from the Sound of Taransay, nagging at my tripod feet and filling mine with sand as  we both sank deeper with each ebb.

As ever with these kinds of photographic endeavours you’re never in complete control of the outcome, but that makes it more fun. So here are some photographic sketches of the pull of Bagh Steinigidh.


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