Cat Bells Inversion

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m fond of little old Cat Bells, even if I’m unlikely to ever photograph anything new up there.

This weekend it wasn’t my intended dawn destination however. With clearing skies towards the end of Saturday and mist already forming in the fields a good hour before sunset, it seemed being up a hill anywhere in Sunday morning would guarantee to get you above a carpet of mist and cloud.

My initial plan was to aim for Place Fell, however dropping down past Gowbarrow towards Ullswater revealed a valley surprisingly refusing to play the inversion game.

One quick u – turn later and I found myself driving back towards Keswick without much of a plan b and a rapidly approaching sunrise. Default option: Cat Bells.

The mist drifted off the Newlands Valley fairly quickly, but remained over Derwent Water even after I’d finished photographing. Robinson, Hindscarth and Skiddaw looked as splendid as ever as they donned their little cloud caps in the dawn light.


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