Caudale Moor

Yesterday didn’t quite go as planned. Amidst an endless spell of high pressure and liberally daubed blue skies (ok, day two) I had the chance to head out and shoot a couple of magazine covers I’ve been planning to do for months.

One flat tyre half way up Kirkstone Pass, a change to the emergency spare (I think I need some serious work before I can nail down that job in an F1 pit crew), then a diversion to Ambleside and then Windermere to spend £80 on a new one meant the original walk plans had to be abandoned.

With time running short, I decided to head back up Kirkstone for the relatively short ascent up Caudale Moor via St Raven’s Edge.

Cloudless skies aren’t a landscape photographer’s friend, but given the constant battering we’ve taken in the hills this winter, I’m happy just to take sitting in short sleeves on a hill, the air a lazy murmur, the fells aglow as the day burns out.

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