Chilling on Cat Bells

I like Cat Bells.

If you’ve only ever been up it during the middle of the day then you may be surprised by this statement, knowing as you do my liking for  a bit of solitude. It can be like a school playground up there at times in the middle of summer. But as ever with the Lake District, if you’re up early enough you can still get it to yourself.

Inevitably after time locations become indelibly tied in my mind to the photographs I take of them, and I’ve had several lovely shoots  on Cat Bells. The view overlooking the Newlands Valley and surrounding fells is tremendous;  and I’ve had success both in the glorious golden light of a summer dawn, and in an aching pink dusk up to my knees in snow with the wind tearing my face off.

I headed up there again at the weekend, this time in the company of another photographer who was after some Lake District locations to shoot.  The mornings are beginning to get later already, with sunrise now not until almost 7am, so a leisurely 6am start was planned, in readiness to catch first light clipping the summits of the Derwent Fells on the other side of the Newlands Valley.

There was a stiff cold breeze on the top. I persisted with my shorts and trekking sandals combo, but it could be the last time this year. Gloves were required :)

As you can see there was some nice early morning light catching the summits, and we hung around for a good hour and a half. until the skies began to cloud over and the best of the light had obviously gone.

Some cloud is always good though, I don’t think I’ve taken a shot I like that doesn’t have any, and it began to create some nice shadows. Here’s one of Robinson rising above the Newlands Valley.

Robinson and the Newlands Valley

It all still looks distinctly green and summery, but lots of the leaves are beginning to turn, and I can’t wait for all the browns yellows and burnt oranges to appear. And of course, lots of white stuff to follow :)

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