Deepdale, Greenhow End and a tree

It’s easy to be drawn back to familiar photographic memories, and I think I ended up wandering alone down Deepdale at a similar time to this last year.

The main draw was to capture the huge hulk of rock that is Greenhow End before it potentially loses it’s snow cover for another season. Once the thaw begins in the Lakes, it can happen startlingly quickly.

The other draw was to have another go at this little rowan tree which lays just off to the right of the path. It’s an obvious little eye catcher, but I’ve never managed to do anything hugely successful with it. I’m still not sure I have, but I do like the simplicity of this one. Maybe a little mist or low cloud would work well, but I’m not sure Deepdale is a valley particularly prone to being misty eyed.

Onwards to the upper reaches of Deepdale Beck and Greenhow End. There is one short section of small cascades and beautifully eroded bed rock which is where I usually concentrate my efforts. Variations on a theme, maybe nothing new, but given the fluctuations in water level due to rain and snow melt it’s rarely direct repetition.

You’ll more than likely find yourself working alone down here, as long as I don’t keep promoting it too much….

If it’s somewhere you think you might like to come and photograph with a little direction, then why not book me for a photography workshop – half and full days available on a date of your choosing.

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