Dollywaggon Pike and Nethermost Pike via Grisedale Tarn

Awaking to clear blue skies, and knowing the hills were white, I couldn’t resist going for another walk yesterday. Mid – March already so I can’t imagine we’ll get too much more of this in the Lake District before it all disappears for a couple of seasons.

I had pondered an overnighter, but decided to leave the tent behind and just book into a hostel if I ended up staying out too late to be bothered to come home.

The initial plan, as much as there was one, was to head west somewhere, probably ending up in Borrowdale or Buttermere. It soon became obvious that the snow cover was sparser than I had anticipated, particularly in the western Lakes, so I headed east for a quick afternoon jaunt over Dollywaggon and Nethermost Pikes.

Hopping off the bus at the top of Dunmail Raise gives the lazy walker (or the one carrying camera gear) a bit of a head start on altitude, plus I’d hoped to find some frozen bits of Raise Beck to slide the tripod around on.

Most of it was still catching direct sunlight, which wouldn’t really work for the combination of solidity and fluidity I was after, but I managed to find a few shady patches.

Despite freezing temperatures in the shadows, sunlit slopes were being quickly and unceremoniously stripped of their winter garb.

What appeared to be a field of plants growing fresh ice and snow on the summit of Dollywaggon did give me hope though 😉

Looking out over Grisedale towards St Sunday Crag and the more wintry looking eastern Lakes…

Afternoon cloud was amassing with intent, so I worked on a few more things looking over Ruthwaite Cove towards High Crag and Nethermost Pike before packing the camera away and enjoying a bleak blustery end to the walk.


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