…and the dilemma of shooting an overly shot view…

I generally don’t bother with them when they’re on my doorstep. What’s the point when something’s so well photographed. Am I going to add anything new? Probably not.

I never feel like I can muster up any real passion for something that won’t really feel personal to me – and that’s bound to show in the final image.

Yet well photographed views are well photographed for a reason – they’re great views. (Albeit usually very accessible)

So I headed off to Elgol not sure what, if anything, I was intending photographically. But never having been before I felt somehow I had to visit.

Public transport on Skye is pretty good, and a bus from Sligachan to Broadford connected nicely with another from Broadford to Elgol (I believe this was the old post bus service, now a scheduled Stagecoach route).

There can’t be many unenjoyable bus rides on Skye, but even on a grey day the pootle round to Elgol gets quite spectacular particularly around Loch Slapin, with the fearsome looking crags of Blabheinn looming ominously up above.

I guess a 2d rendering of a location can only ever really give a vague sense of a place you’ve never been to. And the placid grey August millpond that greeted me upon arrival did make the place feel different to the one I’d expected from all the moody shots of crashing waves in dramatic light.

It wasn’t lacking in atmosphere though, with swathes of low cloud cloaking the ragged Cuillin peaks across Loch Scavaig.

So, the scene felt new enough to tempt me into flexing my trigger finger.

Elgol Surge

(Very) occasional waves were rolling in, leading to much standing around and timing each shot to eke as much drama out of the scene as I possibly could.

Breaking Waves


Moving in closer

I was fighting a losing battle on this front, the cloud slowly lifting and clearing from the peaks and the Loch becoming even more becalmed as the tide went out.

Placid Loch Scavaig

It was however a most pleasant way to spend the afternoon and I decided I could quite get used to snapping these accessible locations.

But one last survey of the scene… gazing out at the mountains across the Loch…. actually no that’s where I really wanted to be….

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