Frozen Innominate Tarn and Great Gable

After a Lake District winter classic with Sunday’s ridge day overĀ Whiteside, on Monday it was time for a bit less walking and more considered camera time. After all the weather couldn’t possibly be as perfect for walking two days on the trot….

Cue a repeat. Breathless blue, warm sunshine. Not always a landscape photographer’s dream, but the chance to be comfortable and unhurried by impending frozen digits whilst photographing in the hills in winter is a rare pleasure.

Arguing that a morning at home editing recent commercial photography work would definitely justify being out in the hills again, I made a late afternoon choice of Haystacks. A popular choice, but on a winter Monday at my peak photography hours the human traffic should be minimal.

Great Gable reflected in the waters of Innominate Tarn is hardly an original choice, however it’s not one I’ve captured in winter, with the water rarely being still enough during this more antagonistic of seasons.

No amount of wind would dispute its stillness today however – the surface a frozen canvas of scattered graupel and needles of reeds. Surprisingly this doesn’t necessarily ruin a planned reflection image – ice often allows just a suggestion of symmetry without it being too perfect.

With clear skies, the sun did its job of casting a warm glow over Great and Green Gable, a lovely contrast to the cold shadowy blues.

As an aside, I’ve always thought this scene would come together a little better compositionally if you could see more of Gable from the water’s edge. You can achieve a better view with only a few more feet of height by climbing the small crag behind the tarn, however you then lose the reflections. Anyway, photography is often a compromise…

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