Gadding about Gills

The air a flutter with tumbling leaves. The trees whispering of autumn, some louder than others.

This is the only time of year you’re likely to find me lingering longer at lower altitudes. Abscission might be an ending, but after the muted atmospherics of summer everything else suggest things are just beginning to get interesting. Not just the flashes of colour, but chilled nights, morning mists, occasional wild storms… an altogether more tactile landscape.

So an exploration of some new (for me) blue lines on the map. Cat Gill yielded much gentle prettiness but trickled rather than surged. Worth a return visit after the imminent rain.

Launchy Gill was more promising. Falls. Leaves. Lots of leaves. Pools. Pools with leaves and the barely perceptible swirl I’d been looking for. I’ll be back here again over the next month, but for now here they are with a one minute shutter speed.

Prints available here.


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