Glaramara and the one day winter

Glaramara is an overlooked fell in both senses of the word. It’s hardly a busy Lakes thoroughfare, and once you’re atop Thornythwaite Fell it offers a fine undulating high level romp with plenty of space drift away from the path should you wish to avoid the few people you might otherwise bump into.


It is also overlooked by some of the craggier dignitaries in the Lake District – Great Gable and a slightly more distant Pillar to the west; Bowfell, Esk Pike and Great End up ahead as you wander south.

All these are good reasons why I chose this distantly unassuming fell as my walk of choice on the one genuine winter day we’ve had so far this season.

The cold was a bit of a shock to the system after November’s high teens hysteria (and it was genuinely bitterly cold), but most welcome given the subsequent incessant wind and rain. More please!

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