Great Gable and Sourmilk Gill

A relatively short post this one – after the last Skye epic I think something more digestible is in order.

Last week I had a quick shimmy around one of my favourite short mountain circulars; Great Gable from Seathwaite via Styhead Tarn, and back down via Gillercomb and Sourmilk Gill.

It was just an excuse to (hopefully) get a nice lunchtime summit view, and I can happily sit by the Westmorland Cairn on Gable for hours (and have done so on many occasions). I wasn’t expecting to use the camera but along it came anyway.

Luckily for me there was actually a view, though I was  a little disappointed to miss the bursts of thundery showers that I could see breaking out sporadically around the Lakes.

Showers over Wasdale

Disappointed why? Even in a ‘bad’ summer the weather is rarely anything but a bit dull. All the things that can heighten the senses and make climbing even a little Lake District mountain feel like a mini adventure are absent.

It’s like someone’s placed a big dome over my outdoor office and turned a placid drone of air conditioning on. I’d rather have a bitter gale blowing real air through a wide open window.

That thunder lightning and hail would have made things more interesting, though I did get a little taster as I got back to Keswick where a cracking little storm was rumbling over.

Before I got there, Borrowdale was doing a passable impression of a sunnier summer.

Overlooking Seathwaite and Borrowdale

Sourmilk Gill and Seathwaite

Passable enough to tempt most people to get on top of the open top bus on the way back to Keswick anyway. They were in for a bit of a shock.



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