Hell Gill

The Langdale Hell Gill, that is. Not the Mallerstang one.

My default route when heading up Bowfell is always via The Band, as it lifts you quickly and elegantly from the valley floor whilst heaping the views on you from both sides – Pike Of Blisco and Crinkle Crags to the left and the Langdale Pikes to the right.

It’s become such a default option that I can’t remember the last time I actually skirted around to the left and went up via Oxendale and Hell Gill. Yesterday I did, and I shall be doing it again soon.

There are several gills and hundreds of miniature cascades to be explored around here on the right day. Yesterday was fine for a walk, and possibly even wider landscapes, but intermittent sunshine was proving tricky for balancing the lighting for longer exposure waterfall shots.

For me, any direct sunlight at all is undesirable for these kind of images. Not only does it not help with achieving the preferable longer shutter speeds, but as highlights on the water blow so easily even in dull conditions, sunlight exacerbates any problems in this area.

I did manage to squeeze in a few shots when Langdale turned the dimmer switch a little, but I’ll be back on a gloomier day for further exploration.

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