High and fast, Great Gable

This weekend I found one very good reason to leap at the chance of joining the bank holiday traffic influx on the fells – whilst battling a debilitating bout of manflu I can still breeze past most of them, making me feel much less sorry for myself πŸ˜‰

Air clarity and visibility was forecast to be excellent, so I hauled myself from my deathbed with a plan of a short walk which would get me high fast and give me views. A quick shot of Lake District antibiotics.

Great Gable would definitely put a big fat tick next to ‘views’ on the checklist. And getting off the bus at the top of Honister Pass would mitigate the necessary amount of climbing. So up via Grey Knotts, Brandreth and Green Gable it was.

By the time I began to plod, the earlier overhead wishy wash of blue had been liberally scattered with cotton wool to soak up some of the blandness. Looking towards Pillar from Grey Knotts:


After the first sharp little ascent from Honister Β it’s a rather casual affair along to Brandreth, then a little drag up to Green Gable, with fine views towards Pillar and down into the heart of Ennerdale the all the way.

From Green Gable it’s a fun little assault to the summit of Great Gable, nothing at all tricky in good conditions, but I recall tackling it with a layer of sheet ice which made things slightly more interesting.

I bypassed the lunching few on the very summit and made a beeline (zigzagging, making buzzing noises) for the quieter corner of the top beside the Westmorland Cairn.

Erected in 1876 to mark supposedly the best view in the Lake District, the moss clad cairn sits steadfast over a precipitous drop, and is, well, probably one of the best views in the Lake District.

Looking towards the far end of Wast Water, it encompasses that point from down below looking up which our generation also voted Britain’s Best View.

Voted for by those who don’t like to stray more than ten yards from the car door and have never been to Scotland, obviously.



Here, out of the wind and in the sun, life was very good indeed.

Oh and I did a quick check on the rocky promontory in this last photo. I think I can get my tent on there….

You can find a few more serious landscape shots of Wasdale and surroundings here.







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4 Responses to High and fast, Great Gable

  1. PhilR says:

    Great pictures looking down wast water, not been up Great Cable yet myself but definitely on the to do list though. Manflu!! Only us men can understand how bad you must have felt LOL, with those views it must have been worth the effort.

    • Stewart says:

      It was a terrible struggle Phil. I’m sure Wasdale MR would have understood if I’d collapsed half way up πŸ˜‰

  2. Yet again some breath-taking photos – I love the light and clarity of your shots. It’s years since I visited the Lakes as I’m usually to be found getting up to mischief in the Purbecks.
    Great read too. All that remains is for me to express my heartfelt gratitude that you managed the trip when in the grip of the worst illness known to man. Allegedly.

    • Stewart says:

      Pfft. Allegedly. I’m not sure you understand the gravity of this situation πŸ˜‰
      If you ever manage to escape the Purbecks and reach headier heights I’m sure we can make you feel very welcome in the Lakes πŸ™‚

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