High Snockrigg Camp

As you know I’m normally drawn to pitching camp on tops of things rather than half way up them, but I think High Snockrigg, just off the top of Robinson, offers just as fine a viewpoint over Buttermere and Crummock Water and surrounding fells as the true summit.

So last night that’s where I found myself. Last time I camped there I came back without any photos, lost a tent pole, and gained a kidney infection, so I figured this time had to be slightly more successful.

I’d originally had in mind somewhere around the Great Gable/Kirk Fell/Pillar area, but impulse had me hopping off the bus in Buttermere Village instead of the top of Honister Pass.

It’s a fairly short and direct climb up a steepish grassy path, and I was soon pitched on the fringes of the plateau, away from the rather boggy central section.

It’s been a good week for landscape photography in the Lakes; plenty of sun, plenty of showers, some all important cloud, wonderfully clear air and dustings of snow on the higher fells. Sadly this was the first time I’d been out.

It was a cold night, windier than I expected, with grains of snow in the air, and I woke up in a frosty tent to  a stubborn canvas of grey this morning.

An unwieldy spatter of cloud over towards Ennerdale obscured what would have been the the best of the light last night. However the sun reappeared weakly beneath it to briefly bid the day farewell. Here are a random selection of shots taken whilst I ran around trying to keep warm.

Fleetwith Pike, Great Gable and Haystacks

Great Gable and Scafell Pike

Me, my bed and distant Blencathra

Camp Sunset

Sunset over Crummock Water


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12 Responses to High Snockrigg Camp

  1. Martin Rye says:

    Nice sunset photos. Windy at times and your tent got bashed around looking at those photos.

  2. Carl Rogers says:

    Great place to be with a good day in prospect. Love the Crummock valley, away from the crowds……

  3. nice one! I’ve camped there before!!! 🙂 Good view too. Bit boggy in places mind. Does look like it was a tad windy in the tent pics though mate lol

  4. PhilR says:

    Great sunset photos, I echo what others have stated it looks a bit windy on the tent.

  5. Matt Hobley says:

    Lovely, lovely stuff Stewart. You get a real sense of scale from that shot of the Gable… big old brute that it is. Been an age since I’ve been to Wasdale and these superb shots remind that I’ve got some ‘unfinished business’ ’round those parts. Thanks for posting!

    • Stewart says:

      Thanks Matt, North West is my favourite quarter of the Lakes I think, though just takes a bit longer to get to from most places!

  6. Love the fact that your ability to camp without creature comforts offers you the opportunity for spontaneous decisions on where to pitch your tent and rewards you with such stunning locations – thanks so much for sharing these amazing shots 🙂

    • Stewart says:

      Thanks Elspeth, yes I tend to head out with vague plans but it’s good to be flexible with landscape photography and work around the light/conditions 🙂

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