Holme Force and Loweswater

Autumn colours in the Lake District are looking particularly radiant at the moment, so yesterday I decided on impulse to head out for a 90 minute drive to get to a waterfall I’ve not yet visited – Holme Force near Loweswater. The hope of course was for glowing flickers of orange, glistening wet rock and silky milky water.

Sadly, despite there being some wonderful colour in Holme wood, none of this was anywhere near the waterfall. Not only that but I couldn’t really manoeuvre myself into a position to get anything I was happy with from a compositional point of view.

So I gave up on the waterfall and had a play in the woods and on the shore of Loweswater, before nipping to the Kirkstile Inn for a pint of Loweswater Gold. And a day that involves that is never a day wasted.



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3 Responses to Holme Force and Loweswater

  1. tookiebunten says:

    The bottom photo is very reminiscent of Claude Monet and some of his impressionist paintings. Very nice.

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