Lake District Favourite View – Captured

Well here it is….

You may or may not recall the winner of the Lake District Favourite View competition was announced a few weeks ago, with the winning view being that chosen by Suzanne Henderson of the Newlands Valley from Swinside (you can read more and find out about her reasons here).

So that was all well and good, but of course then it was up to me to try and do that view and those reasons justice and get a decent photograph…

A lot of the time there isn’t really any kind of pressure with any of my landscape shots. Apart from commissions that crop up now and again, I’m taking them to build my portfolio whether it be for prints or for stock – I’m only really taking it for me.

Ok so it will normally be a shot I’ve had planned and been trying to capture for weeks or months, but every time the light doesn’t play ball, then I just come back another time. Or if the light does play ball and I screw it up anyway, I’ve only really let myself down. And I’m used to that 😉

So last thursday, with a strangely summery looking forecast for the end of the week and into the weekend, I packed camera tent and I off to the hills (via a valley) for a few days.

As I sat outside the Swinside Inn on thursday evening, taking in a little liquid inspiration under the warm languid evening sunshine, surrounded by the views I was to be shooting as the sun came up at 4.30 the next morning, all seemed to be going swimmingly.

I know there’s normally a large ‘however’ at this juncture in most of my posts… but as dawn broke the next morning…. things carried on going swimmingly.

It was, dare I say it, a perfect Lake District summer morning for a landscape photographer.

Bruised fragments of scattered cloud parted just enough to allow golden patches of early morning sunlight to play across the natural amphitheatre of fells surrounding the Newlands Valley.

I ended up shooting for over an hour as the cloud and light shifted, playing over and bringing to prominence different elements of the scene.

The final winning shot, which I’m delighted to say Suzanne is very happy with, takes in (from left to right) Cat Bells, Maiden Moor, distant Dale Head Hindscarth and Robinson at the head of the valley, and then back to Rowling End, the front nose of Causey Pike.

The whole experience of the competition, from inception and then sifting through everyone’s memories of the Lakes, to having to choose one entry as being more deserving than all the rest, to finally capturing the winning view on camera has been a fun little photographic journey. So sincere thanks to all who entered and shared their views with me. I hope you like this one.

(Click to view larger)

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4 Responses to Lake District Favourite View – Captured

  1. Martin Rye says:

    I like it a lot. I assume some filter was used as well?

  2. Stewart says:

    Thanks Martin. It’s basically as it was with the naked eye. I just used a neutral density graduated filter (which is darker at the top half than the bottom) on the sky.

    The camera sensor can’t cope with the same range of brightness as the eye, so without one you can often get burnt out wishy washy skies if the foreground is correctly exposed, or a dark shadowy foreground if the sky is correctly exposed. The filter balances the two.

  3. Helen Fisher says:

    Just awesome!

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