Lake District spring photography workshop

It’s sometimes difficult to predict what spring in the Lake District will offer. There will be some fresh growth and the variety of colour in some sections of woodland can almost look autumnal, however it’s not too late in the year for there to be potential for snow at higher levels.

What we can predict then is variety, and a good range of subjects to photograph before the blanket greenery of mid summer.

I will choose locations based upon the expected weather conditions – for example wet cloudy days might not be great for grand mountain vistas, but are perfect for woodland wandering and waterfalls. I’ll try and throw in a few classics as well as a few less well shot but equally photogenic (or more so!) locations. I’ve been walking the Lake District for over 30 years, so if you’re a little unfamiliar with the area I can suggest plenty of locations for you to visit should you plan to extend your stay beyond the duration of the workshop.

Whilst we won’t be scaling any of the higher fells (unless all group participants are up for it) and extended walking will be kept to a minimum, we may end up atop a couple of some of the lower fells, so you should be reasonably fit and used to regular walking and being on your feet all day. We will generally be out shooting for most of the day, with breaks for refreshments, lunch (and breakfast if a very early start is necessitated) etc during the day. The emphasis will be on flexibility to make the most of the conditions.

The workshop will be limited to a group of three for maximum personal tuition, and is suitable for beginner and intermediate photographers. I can offer as much or as little help as you need, whether you prefer to have someone over your shoulder or just wander freely around each location we visit.

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