Langdale Glow

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook will know I haven’t had many escapes recently.

I’ve only really had time to actually have the option of heading for the hills a couple of days a week and due to the phenomenon known as the ‘Lake District summer’, strong winds and low cloud and rain have kept the tent wrapped up looking sorry in the corner.

So even though the distinctly summery forecast had been downgraded somewhat for the hills last weekend I did at least manage to get out with no expectations other than having a pleasantly mild wild camp for the time of year.

Packing is a fairly simple affair. You take the stuff you need and stick it in a bag. Much unnecessary fuss about such matters is usually made for some reason. However I have had my blind spots. Once upon a time it was always the headtorch that inexplicably got left behind.

Now, slightly less seriously, but of no less practical importance it seems to be the spork. I forget this handy cutlery based item on regular occasions.

However most weekends I realise in the vicinity of some township or other and end up buying a replacement en route. The collection is growing and I expect to be able to open an extensive display sometime in early 2012.

This weekend I didn’t realise until half way up Rossett Pike. I thought about sending out an emergency cutlery related wild camp advice request to Twitter, but decided I’d sound like an unprepared charlatan. I did anyway because I’m an unproud unprepared charlatan.

No advice was forthcoming so I had to resort to my own ingenuity. Let’s just say eating linguine with spare tent pegs is tricky, but only in the way chopsticks are for novices. I’m confident the idea will catch on and I can perfect my technique with further practice.

Anyway, moving on, you’re probably here for photos.

I first woke at 5.20 and the pitter patter of drizzle atop the tent sounded fairly persistent, and the general forecast was crap, so I turned the alarm off and enjoyed a damn good snooze.

I woke again about 7ish from a dream about a couple of photographers catching some amazing light whilst I lay asleep in my tent. I took this as a cue my body was telling me something (it does this, I nearly always wake up a minute before the alarm goes off for instance) and stuck my head out of the tent.

Though not the amazing direct light on the land I was dreaming of, sure enough, amidst the grey there was an fantastic glow beginning to develop where the sun was rising behind the Langdale Pikes.

Problem was it was still raining. And windy. And the wind was blowing right at me and the camera.

This made it nigh on impossible to get any serious landscape shots, and I certainly wasn’t going to be able to use any filters to balance the sky and bring out any foreground detail which may have made for a pleasant shot.

Hence I came back with a few basic snapshots of the intense glow in the sky and some silhouetted hills.

Which, like me with a bowl of pasta and nothing to eat it with but a spare tent peg, you’ll just have to make do with for now 🙂

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6 Responses to Langdale Glow

  1. Fortune favours he who sticks his head out of the tent on a drizzly morn… I enjoyed the sporkless account and those photos are magical – the mist lazily drifting between the fells in the final one is really nice.

  2. Martin Rye says:

    Makes me miss the Lakes bad. Nice photos.

  3. Martin B says:

    Spork substitute – a credit card, if you have one, works fine…

  4. Carla says:

    Thank you for the truely breathtaking views of my home county, the Langdales is one of my favourite hang outs.

    day dreamy ….

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