Loch Clair and Liathach, Torridon

Careering into Glen Torridon in autumn after an eight hour drive and just ten minutes before ‘sunset’ is just a wonderful time to deposit yourself in the Highlands.

Stags bellowing in the hills, swathes of cloud drifting around the flanks of the mountains, the entire glen suffused with a damp golden glow…

There wasn’t much time to do anything with the camera apart from pop down to a popular landscape location – ie one that’s less than two minutes walk from the roadside.

I will admit that Loch Clair is blessed with a fine backdrop. The tremendous battleship hull of Liathach is one of Scotland’s finest mountains, and if you want to shoot it from glen level this is one of the best places as due to its size you need some distance.

Down beside it in the heart of Glen Torridon there’s nothing you can do but gape up at it and try not to veer off the road.

Given sunset was happening way over the other side of the mountains there wasn’t much to do apart from sit, snap a bit, smile, soak it all up and after a lazy camp at the free Torridon campsite come back the next morning for another visit.

A couple of the results can be found below, and there are more in the Torridon gallery.

After the morning shoot I then bounced back from this all too leisurely start to the trip by driving round to Poolewe and walking 13 miles in to what is normally considered Scotland’s remotest Munro, A’ Mhaighdean. More on that next…

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