Looking Back, Blea Tarn

Giving old images the monochrome treatment when you’ve got nothing new to play with is kind of  a running joke for landscape photographers.

However more than once I’ve gone back to older images weeks, months (and in this case a couple of years) down the line and managed to create something not only completely different in mood compared to the original colour image, but also something which I like much more.

I originally posted this image to flickr and twitter to test the water of public opinion and reaction was good, and the image grew on me the more I looked at it. It’s very difficult to objectively judge your own work, particularly with an image so old that you’re almost tired of looking at and any personal meaning it originally had has long faded.

This is useful because how do I know what people will like? Everyone likes different things anyway. I can only ever try and capture what I personally am seeing at that short moment in time in the field. I could never shoot landscapes for anyone else thinking ‘will they like it’ or ‘is this more commercial?’. (The slight exception for this is capturing a different composition that would work better for stock sales with magazine cover titles in mind.)

I also find it difficult to muster up much passion when shooting such well worn views like Blea Tarn, unless conditions are truly unique or the light is staggeringly beautiful. And hence this doesn’t help when trying to judge any merit the final image may have.

So anyway, it’s a new (old) image of a well captured, well worn but classic Lake District scene. Whether it has any merit, who knows; but I quite like it so it may as well be here in case someone else does.

 (click on the image to be taken to the gallery where you can view a larger version)

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