There’s a simple grandeur about Luskentyre. It’s a big, empty beautiful beach, lapped by sparkling water and backed up by views to the fine mountains of northern Harris.

Big, empty and beautiful can be quite difficult to condense into one well constructed landscape photograph though, particularly on a first visit to a location.

No matter how many images you’ve previously seen of a place, they’re no substitute for your first arrival, finally immersed in the scene, feet sinking into the soft sand, the wind in your hair and lungs.

So, the results of wanderings over the course of a few days, here’s an edited version of my litany of photographic responses to Luskentyre.

Hopefully together they give some kind of sense of the place, even if they don’t all stand up in isolation.

You can see more of Harris in the Skye, Lewis and Harris gallery, and if there are any of these images you’d like to be added as prints to buy then please let me know!

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