Mellon Udrigle

I don’t do much coastal photography, but not because I don’t have a passion for it. A wild empty beach is one of the only places I’m as contented as if I was atop a wild empty mountain.

Maybe it’s the only other place you can as often be at the mercy of the raw power of the weather. In fact the photographic potential on a really rough day is vastly more promising beside the sea than in thick clag on a summit.

Cumbria does have a coastline, but forgive me home county, a lot of it isn’t what you’d call classically beautiful. Not compared to the far North West Scotland anyway.

So when further North than home I try to dedicate some time to the coast, even when there are endless mountains to be climbed.

Most recently I found myself on the short stretch of ever shifting pale sand at Mellon Udrigle in Wester Ross, after a long day breaking trail up An Teallach’s Bidein a’ Ghlas Thuill.

Playing in the gently ebbing tide, the hills of Coigach and Assynt on the horizon… between the mountains and the sea, I think that’s where I’d like to be.

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