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Warning: this post contains no pretty photos, just words. Not too many though, I promise.

There are no photos because I didn’t take the camera on today’s Lake District walk – the Kentmere Round. This is a hard thing to do for me. Mountain walking and photography used to be separate enjoyable entities, but not any longer. I can’t go near mountains without the photography obsession taking over – constant thoughts about the light, the angles, composition, the rugged grandeur, and the fact that SURELY it’ll be worth taking a shot of something?

Add in the carrying of gear, (often camping gear as well), early starts, walking up in the dark, and it’s at the point where I rarely feel the simple enjoyment of the freedom of a mountain escape. It’s just another photo job.

Therefore I have to be forced to leave the camera at home and today’s forecast was a good enough reason as any – heavy rain, low cloud and strong winds, gusts as high as 80 mph (anything above 73 mph is hurricane strength on the Beaufort Scale) was to be the photographic diet. I know the best photos don’t always come in good weather, but that’s feeding off scraps.

So it was to be a wild lightweight walk, with the added  excitement of weather conditions you just don’t get in this country at street level. As those who head for the hills often enough know, it’s wild mountain conditions like this that make you feel so alive.

The paths were mainly angry gurgling streams, the hardy Herdwicks were stood around looking miserable, waterfalls were everywhere, and where the winds were strongest high above the head of the valley, the waterfalls were being blown back up the hill from whence they came,adding to our general drenchery as we had to pass through them.

But we just about managed to stay on our feet. Yeah we got soaked to the skin but what the hell, no camera gear to get damaged, and we’ll dry out eventually. It was wild. And it was bloody good fun.

The photo in this post is by scuddr on flickr

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