Pink Steam, Langdale Pikes

A new stitched image from old pieces of cloth. I've just been revisiting some old winter shoots, and whilst a lot of what I took is dramatic, not all of it is technically good enough to sell as prints due to me taking my first baby steps with a camera.

I have however managed to pull this one together from January 2009. This was shot pre-dawn, and when the sun did come up it was one of the first times I really got to see some fantastic light, and realised that there could be a real buzz in setting off up a mountain in the dark and seeing what would happen with the awakening of the day.

I didn't necessarily make the best of it due to getting over excited and running around like a headless chicken, so for now here's the one I managed earlier, showcasing that fine panorama of rock from Pike of Stickle to Loft Crag.

What you probably can't see at this size is the person atop Loft Crag, which sets the scale of the image nicely - it'll look great printed big! January 2012.

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