Kentmere Snowstorm

Weather conditions can play a big part in the enjoyment of walks, and given there are usually more ‘bad’ days than ‘good’ sometimes our fondness (or otherwise) for particular hills is determined by repeatedly foul conditions whilst wandering them.

Certainly, for me, the few times I’ve done the Kentmere Horseshoe the conditions have been unrelentingly grim, with one day in particular beng the coldest, wettest, and most lost I’ve ever been in the Lake District (it was July – did I mention I hate summer?).

Yet even then I could see its potential, similar in a way to the Fairfield Horseshoe, but to my eyes just a little bit more dramatic and more fun to walk.

So today I found myself back there. And my what a day. Certain parts of it were most definitely a little upleasant again, as spiteful little hailstones in your face at 50mph can be, but there was also soft fluffy snow, wet snow, swirling vortexes of snow, and the occasional dazzling burst of sun.

I often proclaim the edge of weather to be the most interesting conditions for landscape photography, so to get dozens of edges of weather in one day is wonderful, even if it means switching to reactionary mode and working fast to respond to whatever light is thrown around.

This shot was taken looking back towards Froswick as one of the passing swathes of snow scurried away.

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