Skye Summer Evening

So… back home.

Probably best to break to break my trip to the Isle of Skye down into manageable chunks. Whether that’s for my sanity or yours I’ll leave you to judge….

As a quick overall summary, the weather was better than I could have dared hope for, with only two total washout days. Which means you won’t be bored with too many half arsed waterfall shots 🙂

Oh and if anyone wants to start a sweepstake on the number of times I mention m*dges during these posts feel free 😉

The ride up was stunning, with endless blue skies and warm sunshine leading to many a camera phone being waved out of the coach window at passing vistas. If I’d been travelling under my own steam I suspect I may have not have reached Skye that evening due to being sidetracked en route.

As it was I was still half expecting to arrive at the bridge and see the island huddled under a cloud blanket, such is its (justified) reputation as a foul mooded place, even by Scottish standards.

But no, I arrived late afternoon in conditions as lovely as the rest of the journey. The campsite at Sligachan was surprisingly quiet, and after pitching I decided I may as well make the most of the evening in case it was the last time I saw the sun all week. Normally this would mean heading up the nearest peak, but I was in holiday mood and decided a wander down the glen would be less strenuous and leave more time for quenching my thirst later in the evening 🙂

The last time I had been here was back in February on a wild and bleak (but clear) evening in weak evening sunlight. The mood of the mountains can be so weather dependent, and what seemed foreboding and fearsome back then looked inviting and placid now in the late evening summer sunlight and swaying grass and heather.

View towards Marsco

I spent some time just playing around with rocks and the foreground flora trying to create something interesting, the breeze helping with a bit of movement (and also keeping the m*dges away!)

Swaying grass and the view towards the distant Black Cuillin range

Tenuous wisps of cloud were beginning to form on Sgurr a Bhasteir, adding a touch more atmosphere to the scene.

Below is the finished shot, (it can be found in the Skye gallery) which is better balanced than any of the others I took, and makes the best use of the splashes of orange and purple and green in the foreground.

Summer evening, Glen Sligachan

Soon after I took this the intensity of the sunlight began to fade under some gathering high level cloud, and I wandered back to the campsite feeling pretty happy in the knowledge I was going home with at least one decent shot 🙂

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