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Outdoor Photography cover and winter photography tips

One of my favourite and most productive evenings in the Lake District last winter was one atop Great Gable, as a blue sky day was swallowed up by incoming snowy squalls... (read more)

Soft as snow (but warm inside)

Recently I ended up doing the same walk on two consecutive days - Great Gable from Seathwaite via Styhead... (read more)

Ennerdale image in this month’s Trail

I've realised there's not been much in the way of news on this page recently, though it's probably of less interest than some of the blog posts!... (read more)

High and fast, Great Gable

This weekend I found one very good reason to leap at the chance of joining the bank holiday traffic influx on the fells... (read more)

Buttermere Sketches

Winter has belatedly (yay!) arrived in the Lake District this week... (read more)