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Print Sale

A couple of short and long term exhibitions have finished recently, so for a limited time I'm making a few of the prints available at reduced prices... (read more)

ShAFF Exhibition

Just a short newsy post to say I'll be exhibiting at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival this year... (read more)

New ‘Northern Lights’ exhibition at Snug Gallery

I'm pleased to announce I'll be taking part in a new photographic exhibition entitled 'Northern Lights' at Snug Gallery in Hebden Bridge... (read more)

New mini Lake District photo exhibition

Just to let you know I've currently got a (very) small exhibition of Lake District prints up at High Head Sculpture Valley just outside Ivegill near Carlisle... (read more)

Post Lake District photography exhibition sale

Now my exhibition of Lake District photography at Rheged has come to a close, I've decided to have a sale of the remaining photos... (read more)