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Bla Bheinn

A gap between jobs recently gave me the chance to do that most self indulgent thing for landscape photographers - heading out on a little road trip to take some landscape photographs in a location of my choosing... (read more)

‘Red and Black’ image in Country Walking

You can find one of my favourite photos from the Isle of Skye - Red and Black II - in this month's Country Walking... (read more)

Skye day 5 – Sgurr Na Stri and Loch Coruisk

Yeah yeah I know, you're telling me I'm losing days. Ok, Elgol was day 4.... (read more)

Skye Summer Evening

So... back home. Probably best to break to break my trip to the Isle of Skye down into manageable chunks. Whether that's for my sanity or yours I'll leave you to judge.... (read more)