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Cat Bells Inversion

I've made no secret of the fact that I'm fond of little old Cat Bells, even if I'm unlikely to ever photograph anything new up there... (read more)

Buttermere Sketches

Winter has belatedly (yay!) arrived in the Lake District this week... (read more)

Lake District Favourite View – Captured

Well here it is.... You may or may not recall the winner of the Lake District Favourite View competition was announced a few weeks ago... (read more)

Rediscovering the fun

'Those hours between night and day are always a keen challenge to one's courage. One's body goes mechanically through the correct movements essential to gaining height; but the spirit is not yet awake nor full of the joy of climbing...' - Heinrich Harrer, The White Spider Don't worry.... (read more)

It’s been a while… since I stared at the stars

It feels like weeks since I’ve actually been out for a serious photoshoot. And by that I mean either the ‘wake up on top of  a mountain in a tent’ kind or the ‘headtorch walk up a mountain in the dark’ kind. Recently I’ve been spending lots of time behind the screen building up various stock collections, Alamy in particular (you can see my collection here), all of which is admirably productive, and a means to an end, but spirit crushingly tedious for those of us with our heads in the hills. The plan, as usual was to ascend a nice big hill with (read more)