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Last of the Lake District winter?

After spending the morning photographing a guest house in Keswick on Wednesday, I decided I could sneak an afternoon in the hills before heading back to finish the edit... (read more)


Sometimes as a landscape photographer you have to appreciate the grandeur of your surroundings without being able to view it through a lens... (read more)

Fleetwith Pike Wild Camp

If you're a regular reader you'll know by now how much my (landscape) photographic output dwindles during the summer months. Until about July anyway... (read more)

Rediscovering the fun

'Those hours between night and day are always a keen challenge to one's courage. One's body goes mechanically through the correct movements essential to gaining height; but the spirit is not yet awake nor full of the joy of climbing...' - Heinrich Harrer, The White Spider Don't worry.... (read more)