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I always think Langstrath occupies some kind of middle ground between the Lake District and Scotland in terms of feel and atmosphere... (read more)

Best waterfalls in the Lake District

When I say 'best'.... well these things are always subjective aren't they. This post should probably more accurately be titled 'some of my favourite waterfalls in the Lake District' instead... (read more)

Langstrath photo in Vagabundo travel magazine

My Langstrath waterfall photo is spread nicely over 2 pages of the new issue of Vagabundo, a fairly new travel magazine... (read more)

Exploring the scene – Langstrath Waterfall

One of the less frequented valleys in the Lake District, Langstrath (like a lot of the valleys, and indeed the mountains in the Lakes) has it's own character and is completely different from its neighbours.... (read more)