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Winter clings on…

As I write this I'm listening to the sleety rain lashing the windows, and crashes of things being hurled around the garden that probably shouldn't be hurling around the garden... (read more)

Dollywaggon Pike

I live on a hill. Not a proper hill, just a small hill on the edge of a small town... (read more)

Dollywaggon Pike and Nethermost Pike via Grisedale Tarn

Awaking to clear blue skies, and knowing the hills were white, I couldn't resist going for another walk yesterday... (read more)


There's hardly a dearth of blog posts on here with a palette of blue and white, but this is fresh, local, organic, new season blue and white.... (read more)

Winter! Snow! Helvellyn! We’ve been here before…

Yes there's hardly a dearth of blog posts on here revolving around Helvellyn in her lovely winter coat... (read more)