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Bagh Steinigidh in Outdoor Photography magazine

There's a little guide of mine to one of the Isle of Harris' less photographed beaches, Bagh Steinigidh, in this month's Outdoor Photography magazine... (read more)

Walking and landscape photography

There's a short article of mine in this month's Outdoor Photography about the act of walking as being an inherent part of the landscape process... (read more)

Hints and tips for winter landscape photography

This is a '40 great tips for winter landscapes' piece I put together for the January 2014 issue of Outdoor Photography magazine, which also featured this shot of mine on the cover... (read more)

Outdoor Photography cover and winter photography tips

One of my favourite and most productive evenings in the Lake District last winter was one atop Great Gable, as a blue sky day was swallowed up by incoming snowy squalls... (read more)