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Pike O’ Blisco wild camp

The first half of this summer in the Lake District was, as summers go, spectacular. It was warm and sunny for a start, which is an improvement on the majority of them... (read more)

Fresh snow and Pike of Blisco

After a commercial job in a surprisingly sunny and blue skied Kendal yesterday afternoon, I took the cue to have a late run up a hill hoping to catch some dusk light... (read more)

Pike O’ Blisco from Bowfell

This afternoon blue skies at home tempted me out for a wander up Bowfell. Of course those blue skies didn't extend into the central Lake District, and the summit was swathed in thick cloud... (read more)

A winter wade up Bowfell

Despite it being a relatively mild winter so far, the last couple of weeks have just been cold enough for all that wet grey precipitation the Lake District gets to fall as snow on higher ground... (read more)