The Prison Band

It may not have the knife edge thrills and exposure of Sharp Edge or Striding Edge, and doesn’t lead to a summit as famous as Blencathra or Helvellyn, but the Prison Band is a fine little rocky ridge leading to the summit of Swirl How.

The view south over Levers Water to Coniston is fine, but I tend to prefer views looking towards mountains rather than away from them. It often feels like they peter out slightly.

Happily enough, to the north you have a view over Greenburn that’s backed up by those loveable Langdale Pikes. Sadly on Saturday the fresh snow hadn’t fallen to a low enough level to cap them white, but I managed to make something of them anyway using this frozen pool as foreground interest.

However as of today there is much more fresh snow in the Lake District, so you can expect more wintry posts to come!

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