Wetherlam overnighter

Yesterday was too nice a day not to go for an afternoon walk, and as the nights are drawing out I thought I may as well throw the tent in and make a night of it.

The loose plan was to head for Coniston, and maybe camp on Swirl How or Grey Friar, giving good views of Scafell and Scafell Pike and Bowfell in both late evening and early morning sunlight.

In a last minute schoolboy packing error I forgot to switch my crampons from the camera bag (I’d being doing day walks in Glencoe a few days ago) to the backpack, and it soon became obvious I wasn’t going to get up Coniston Old Man without them.

The way I learnt to climb hills - asleep on my Dad's back

Any snow that had caught the sun had a superficial softness, but the boots were unable to bite into the compacted stuff in the shadows.

Frozen Low Water

I still had time to aim for a plan B, so headed back down and made for sunlit Levers Water, knowing a steep haul up Gill Cove to Levers Hawse would put me back on track.

About three quarters of the way up…. yeah plan C was going to be needed.

I decided to give up on paths and descend straight back down and then continue to chase the receding line of sunlight straight up the side of Blake How and then follow the ridge up towards Black Sails then onto Wetherlam.

Sun disappearing over Levers Water

Dappled snow

Finally I got pitched in time to catch the fading sun over Langdale and the Scafells…

Towards Langdale

Scafells and Bowfell

Tent at sunset

… and also be in the right place for a wonderful sunrise this morning 😉

Tent at 'sunrise'

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2 Responses to Wetherlam overnighter

  1. PhilR says:

    Superb photos as usual Stewart, like the one ‘Towards Langdale’. Shame about that sunrise.

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