Winter! Scafell Pike

In amongst all the Christmas fairs, the mounting and framing and general frantic festivities, I found a little window of escape yesterday. And by ‘found’, I mean there was almost guaranteed snow in the hills and I dropped everything 🙂

I figured I may as well head as high as possible, so drove round to Wasdale for a direct ascent of Scafell Pike via Hollow Stones.

What began as an ‘is there, isn’t there…’ internal dialogue whilst peering up at a cloud swathed Scafell Crag became irrelevant, as it began to snow heavily as I reached Lingmell Col, and continued to do so until I’d visited the summit and returned back to the col once more.

At this point the cloud cleared, prompting me to make the decision to climb Lingmell rather than descend the same way. I shouldn’t need any kind of prompting to climb Lingmell, yet don’t do so often enough. It’s hardly an extensive diversion, and offers terrific views of Mosedale, Kirk Fell and Great Gable.

The latter always draws my lens more than any other Lake District fell, yet as I sat atop Lingmell for a while it resolutely refused to emerge from the cloud. Kirk Fell was drifting in and out of sight, so I trained my lens here instead.

Passing snow showers, the accompanying cloud, the following bursts of light. My favourite mountain landscape conditions.

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2 Responses to Winter! Scafell Pike

  1. Andy Beck says:

    If ever there were striking coincidences this would be it. I’m sat on my sofa picking the pages of W.A Poucher’s The Lake District and I’m enjoying his photograph of Great Gable from Lingmell. I’m specifically trying to find Napes Needle and Cat Rock. And I’m planning a little walk to Lingmell myself to take in the same view.
    So, for a break I decide to have a quick catch up on your website and I notice a recent entry to your blog. So I click and what do I see?
    Pretty great that!
    Glad you got your snow. And lovely atmospheric shot there Stew!

    • Stewart says:

      Ha! Yep, Poucher is always good for some vicarious views when you’re not out and about. Looking like a rather wild and wintry week ahead, could be awesome (if a little hard work) 🙂

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